Teachers’ and Students’ Perceptions on the Problems of Effective Teaching and Learning of Science and Technology in Junior Secondary Schools

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Gimba, R. W.
Hassan, A. M.
Yaki, A. A.
Chado, A. M.


It has been observed that students shy away from the study of Science and Technology even though Science and Technology occupies a central position in the development of the nation. This shows the negative attitude and poor performance of students in Science and Technology. This has prompted the research into teachers and students’ perceptions of the problems of effective teaching and learning of Science and Technology in junior secondary schools. The study aimed at identifying the problems and proffering solution to them. Consequently, two research questions were raised. Some factors which revolved around physical facilities, quality and quantity of teaching investigated. Data were collected by means of two different questionnaires administered to (350) students and (35) Science and Technology teachers drawn from seven (7) secondary schools in Bosso Local Government of Niger State. Four-points Likert rating scale was used in administering it and it was analysed using percentage. Some of the findings that emerged are: the foundation of most Science and Technology teachers in Science and Technology is poor. Based on the findings, it was recommended that: The State government should as a matter of urgency send Science and Technology teachers for training and seminars for effective teaching and learning.


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