Learner Autonomy Scale: A Scale Development Study

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The goal of the study is to develop a scale named “Learner Autonomy Scale†(LAS) for determining the learner autonomy of the students toward English lesson. The proposal scale, composed of 29 items, was applied to two study groups in Turkey. The group of Exploratory Factor Analysis that aims to determine the psychometric properties especially the construct validity and reliability of LAS consisted of 291 6th grade students. The group of Confirmatory Factor Analysis that aims to find out whether the factor structure demonstrated by LAS was confirmed or not consisted of 297 6th grade students. As a result of the analyses, it has been determined that the scale consists of 14 items and it has a structure composed of one factor. The study showed that LAS is a valid and reliable tool. Using LAS with other data collection tools on learner autonomy will be beneficial. 


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