Technology Instructional Package Mediated Instruction and Senior Secondary School Students’ Academic Performance in Biology Concepts

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Yaki, Akawo Angwal
Babagana, Mohammed


The paper examined the effects of a Technological Instructional Package (TIP) on secondary
school students’ performance in biology. The study adopted a pre‐test, post‐test
experimental control group design. The sample size of the study was 80 students from
Minna metropolis, Niger state, Nigeria; the samples were randomly assigned into
treatment group 40 (male = 18 and female = 22) and control 40 (male = 20, female = 20).
The researcher developed package was validated by experts. The data collection
instrument was a Biology Achievement Test which yielded a reliability coefficient of .74.
The treatment group was taught with TIP while the control group was taught with
traditional teaching methods. The data obtained were analyzed using split‐plot Analysis of
Variance (SPANOVA) and t‐test. The results of data analysis revealed there was an
interaction effect, treatment was effective in significantly improving students’
performance in the experimental group than the control group (F (1.78) =29. 89, p <. 05) in
the main effects. The TIP was found to be gender friendly (t = 3.93, df = 38, p > 0.05). Based
on the finding, it was recommended that teachers should be trained and encouraged to
employ technological resources in their classroom practices.


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