A Pre-Service Mathematics Teacher’s Subject Matter Knowledge of The Mode: A Case Study

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Komathi Jairaman
Sharifah Norul Akmar Binti Syed Zamri
Suzieleez Syrene Binti Abdul Rahim


In this globalized world, our citizens gain instantaneous access to statistical information via
various communication technologies. This has heightened a serious call for the
development of statistically literate citizens. Nevertheless, research has highlighted that
our school leavers are not very statistically literate which drew the attention to teachers
and their knowledge in the enhancement of statistical literacy. This paper presents the
analysis of the responses of a case study, named Lina (a pseudonym) related to two tasks
on the idea of mode. Data was collected using clinical interview based on open-ended
questions as instrument. The findings suggest that Lina could relate the idea of mode to
real-life situation. Lina utilised the mode as a form of data representation in certain
situations. However, Lina did not utilise the mode as a quick method to report an average.
In relation to statistical literacy, the understanding of the mode as a form of data
representation can lead to this measure being used as a quick method to report central
tendency or average.


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