Modeling Technology Preparedness as an Antecedent of Mathematic Pre-service Teachers’ Self Efficacy, Perceived Usefulness and Intention Toward Use of Information Technology in Nigeria

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Ahmed Tajudeen Shittu
Amosa Isiaka Gambari
W. Rahmatu Gimba
Hassan Ahmed


This study test a specified model of information technology (IT) preparedness as
antecedent of pre-service teachers’ self efficacy, perceived usefulness, and intention
toward IT use for teaching in Nigeria. Survey method was employed for prosecuting the
study. The participants of the study comprise of 200 pre-service teachers studying
Mathematics education in one of the Nigerian universities. The instrument used for data
collection was adapted and subjected to validation and reliability check. A factor analysis
revealed four constructs and their reliability indexes were .73, .87, .90 and .91 Cronbach
alpha respectively. The data of the study was subjected to factor analysis, confirmatory
factor analysis and finally fitting the specified model of the study with AMOS 20 statistical
package. The finding showed that IT preparedness positively predicts pre-service teachers’
IT self-efficacy, perceived usefulness and in-turn predicts their intention towards use of IT
for future classroom practice. Based on this finding, the study suggests among others the
holistic deployment of IT resources among teacher educator for pre-service teacher


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