Designing a Futuristic Business Studies Curriculum

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Chiew Wye Mei Saedah Siraj


This paper is a discourse on the theoretical aspects underpinning the design of
the Business Studies curriculum domain. It draws on recent shifts in the business
and educational environment of Malaysia, and maps out the methodology and
method for expanding and revamping the core ground of the discipline. Using
the pragmatic worldview stance, this study chose the exploratory sequential
design mixed methods procedures. The significance of this methodology was the
involvement of a theoretical lens as an overarching perspective within a design
that contains both the quantitative and qualitative data. This lens provided a
framework for topics of interest, methods for data collection, and outcomes or
changes anticipated from the study. Within this lens of data collection method,
the study used the Developmental Research Approach (DRA) to build a Business
Studies curriculum prototype, and results showed DRA was a valid approach for
such a purpose. The DRA consisted three phases. The first phase started by
conducting a needs analysis of the stakeholders of the curriculum to argue
whether the domain needs revamping. Based on the stakeholders’ needs and the
impact of business and educational changes, the study designed a prototype of
the curriculum in the second phase. Lastly, the third phase concluded with an
evaluation of the prototype curriculum by the main users..

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