Gifted Education In The Enabling Sciences With A Particular Emphases On Chemistry

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Mohammad Anisuzzaman Chowdhury


The article provides syntheses and critical analyses of literature, creative insights, fruitful information, reflections on gifted education perspectives, and discusses the pertinent issues related to enabling sciences, with a particular focus on chemistry. The misconceptions among the gifted students, and a range of pedagogical approaches to resolve students’ misconceptions in the sciences are discussed. The article emphasised on the development of psychosocial skills that enables the students to gain success and eminence as it is the ultimate goal of giftedness and gifted education. The implications of cultural issues on the development of students’ psychosocial skills are described. The mental rotation and spatial ability that significantly affect the students in their developments of expertise and gain success in the sciences, are illustrated. The implicated issues surround the development of students’ mental rotation and spatial ability are presented. The interrelationship between the mental rotation/spatial ability and the development of knowledge/skills in the sciences are discussed. 


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