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Hatice Kübra Güler
Çiğdem Arslan


Mathematical literacy problems used in PISA consists of real life context. In order to solve the problems of these contexts, there are various mathematical processes that students have to pass through. These problems are intended to measure the various competencies that are intended to be taught to students. It is also important that the teachers who will use such real context problems should be aware of the skills and competencies required by the problem. The aim of this research is to determine the awareness of prospective mathematics teachers about the mathematical processes and competencies required by mathematical literacy problems. This study is a case study carried out with 63 high school prospective mathematics teachers. Five mathematical literacy problems were directed to participants in written form. They are asked to solve these problems and then asked to determine mathematical processes and the competencies to be met for the solution of problems. The data collected were analyzed by using descriptive analysis method. As a result of the research, it has been determined that the prospective mathematics teachers cannot fully understand the difference between competency and process, and it has been determined that they have difficulty in making a distinction between these two concepts.


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