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Serkan Aslan
Hilal Kazu


Today, technology integration has become an important issue in all educational levels since preschool. With the integration of technology in the implementation of the curriculum, the learning of the students becomes permanent and the teaching-learning process is carried out effectively and efficiently. In this regard, teachers need to be prone to technology integration and have these skills. They should gain experience in technology integration and technology integration in the training they receive before the service. Therefore, this study aims to examine the elementary prospective teachers’ views on their experiences about digital storytelling. Phenomenology design was used in the research. The participants of the researcher consisted of 29 prospective teachers determined according to the principle of volunteering. A questionnaire form consisting of open-ended questions developed by the researchers was used as a data collection tool. The data were analysed through using descriptive analysis. Research findings revealed that prospective teachers had positive opinions about digital storytelling, they would use digital storytelling in life studies and Turkish lessons if they were assigned. Besides, digital storytelling was identified to have contributions to the students, they encountered some problems while preparing digital stories and they had some recommendations for these problems. Various recommendations were developed based on the research results.


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