Factors Influencing Teacher Career Satisfaction, Teacher Collaboration and Everyday Challenges: An Exploratory Factor Analysis

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Nilesh Anish Narayan


The main purpose of this study is to assess the construct validity of Australian eighth grade
mathematics teachers’ perceptions towards their career satisfaction, their teaching
practice and the everyday challenges encountered in schools. The data were utilised from
the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study where a total of 802 eighth
grade mathematics teachers participated. Exploratory factor analysis with statistical tests
were utilised to analyse the data. Three factors career satisfaction, teacher collaboration
and everyday challenges were derived from exploratory factor analysis. The factors had a
reliability coefficient of: career satisfaction (0.802), teacher collaboration (0.838) and
everyday challenges (0.777). The findings suggested that female teachers had a higher
career satisfaction level and highly experienced teachers encountered more everyday
challenges. This study could be helpful to enhance the level of career satisfaction for
teachers and assist in reduction of everyday challenges. Future research could investigate
actual reasons for lower satisfaction level for the teachers.


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